How much cash back could I get?

On a $500,000 home loan balance you can expect to receive between $50 and $120 every month. No that's not a misprint, that's how much your broker normally receives. Contact us to find out exactly how much cash back you could be receiving on your home loan.

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Save time with us

We are home loan experts, we take the legwork out of finding the right home loan. Let us do the research and paperwork for you so you can get on with life.

Get a great rate

We have over 20 lenders to chose from including the 'big four' banks, with hundreds of loans and rates starting from 3.65% (4.20% comparison rate).

Expert advice

We provide expert advice at no charge to you. We are paid an upfront commission payment by the lender you chose.

So how does cash back work?

Let's say you have a $600,000 home loan. You'll get the same great rate and awesome deal with us as you could from another broker, but with us you get from 0.15% or more of the balance owing on your home loan, less a $10 administration fee, as cash back monthly payment straight into your bank account each month. That’s $65 or more a month on a home loan balance of $600,000. You receive this cash back each month for doing absolutely nothing!

Why don't more brokers offer cash back?

The cash back we provide is normally kept by the broker as part of their income, it is what is known as 'trailer commission' and is payment for their ongoing service to you the customer. At Cash Back Mortgage Broking we're here to shake things up because we know what it's like to have a big ugly mortgage repayment to meet every month, it's hard work. We don't need a monthly sweetener from the lender to continue to give you great customer service when you need it. Instead we give the trailer commission to you, less a $10 administration fee, so you can pay your home of sooner or use it for anything else you may like, perhaps a monthly dinner out or an hour of stress relieving massage each month.

We have over 20 lenders to choose from

All the major lenders and numerous specialist lenders for whatever your situation. Contact us to get a great home loan deal, with cash back each month.